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Product ME210
intelligent magnetic encoder

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entry level magnetic encoder

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Product ME210
  • Nonvolatile Absolute Position Sensing
  • Incremental Quadrature Outputs with Index
  • I2C or SPI-like Interfaces
  • Programmable Resolution, Direction, Zero Position
  • 10 bit (1024) Resolution
  • RC Servo Control Pulse Generator
Product WC132
Motion Controller for
WW-01 and WW-02

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Product WC132
  • Velocity, rotation rate, position, and angle use real world units; readable any time
  • Six control loops ensure accurate straight-line motion or angle change
Product WW11

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Product WW11
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Interface
  • Preprinted 32 stripe self-adhesive codewheel included
  • Hardware quadrature decode with 4x multiply
  • Intelligent serial mode


  • Arduino example and support library now available for the Unicoder ME-210.  We've also updated the Arduino example and support library for the WheelCommander WC-132.
  • The Nubotics Web Store is now open!  Save up to 50% on select products!
  • After 9 years as our main distributor, Acroname has decided to change the focus of their business.  Thanks Steve, Suzanne, Tim, and the rest of the Acroname team for all your support.
  • NOTICE: we still sell through these great distributors: Active Robots, Hobby Engineering, and Solarbotics.
  • We've released an updated Unicoder ME-210 manual; improvements include clarification of the location of pin 1, byte ordering of multibyte values, and how changing constants takes place immediately.
  • We just posted a new version of the Arduino support library and example code for the WheelCommander.  This new version supports I2C as well as serial, and on a Mega Arduino, supports use of the additional serial ports.
  • We are proud to announce our new  user forums!  We'll maintain the old email lists for a while, but please submit all new  support requests to the new forums.
  • We've posted updated manuals for the WW-11 (rev 1.03), WW-12 (rev 1.02) , and WC-132 (rev 1.14).  The WW-11 and WW-12 manuals now include a number of new diagrams and expanded FAQ sections.  The WC-132 manual now incorporates the FAQ (with additions) previously only available on the website.
  • We've created a new WheelCommander software support page, with access to our new Arduino library, Player/Stage driver, and RoboRealm driver. Enjoy!
  • We have added a small photo gallery showing WW-02s mounted on various Solarbotics gearhead motors, and another showing WW-01s mounted on, of all things, automobile wiper motors.

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